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What do I do if I have no hot water?

First, you should check the water heater breaker in your electrical panel and make sure it has not been tripped. If you have to reset the breaker, wait 30 to 40 minutes to see if you get hot water.

I run out of hot water quickly. Is it my water heater?

The problem could be a slab leak, thermostat, or element. Call a professional to come and check out your unit.

I have rusty water coming out of my fixtures.

This is a sign that the liner in your tank is ruptured and the unit needs to be replaced.

I have a bad smell and some air coming out my faucets when I turn them on.

This is a sign your anode rod, which protects your tank from corrosion, has gone bad. Call a professional to have it replaced.

How often should I flush my water heater to prevent scale build up?

If you have a soft water system, flush the heater every 6 months. Otherwise, the heater needs to be flushed every three months.

What is the average life of an electric water heater?

Depending on your water quality the life span could be five to seven years. Gas water heaters have a longer life span of seven to ten years.

I have a lot of corrosion on the pipes and valve at the top of my water heater.

The pipes and valves should be replaced to prevent any type of failure that could cause a flood.

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